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Digital Marketing With a Platform Bend Oregon

Advertising and Email Marketing

Email marketing is a direct approach letting you connect with customers immediately. You can use it to send your company’s ads, coupons, or requests for donations and increase your conversion rate. In 2014, 26.3% of customers opened their email, and 95.8% did not bounce from the website after clicking. Your personalized email can express news that your customers find most useful.

Let’s Talk About Advertising Your Business

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Why Do Online Advertising?

Target Your Exact Customer

We can target your best potential customers, using keywords and demographics to identify those who convert through your digital advertisements.

Brand With Authority

Online advertisement can create additional streams of traffic to build brand exposure, and with your position as a sought-after authority in that area.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Email marketing provides the opportunity to build a close personal relationships through individualized contacts with your customers.

What Outreach Programs Do We Offer?

Google AdWords

Google AdWords invests in customers that convert. You determine the budget, and together, we create the ad that shows only on targeted Google searches. You only pay if you get results.

Google Display Advertising

Your digital advertisement deserves a catchy visual. We create effective banners, using intriguing graphics, colors, and fonts, to increase conversions. The display shows on the websites that your customers are visiting most.Think of it as your “digital billboard”

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising can connect to thousands of people. We use display ads on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach users, based on their demographics and behavior, and within your budget.

Ad Copy and Design

We perform A/B testing to track what users respond to the best. These controlled experiments decipher the colors, placement, and content we should use for best results. Our focus is to make users convert within a few short seconds.

Email Marketing Management

Email marketing can give your business’s most important information wider reach. We can coordinate launch dates and email list, and design beautiful formats to create highly productive campaigns.

Outbound Marketing

In outbound marketing, the loudest voices are the most effective. We use clever paid and organic search methods through social media, banner ads, and emails to find innovative ways to connect with your customers.

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