Author: Gillian Rowley

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Why Infographics Can Improve Your Online Presence

Almost every business has a blog with knowledgeable articles for their customers. Making your blog stand out can be difficult when you are in such a competitive marketplace. I have been developing blogs for years now and find that highly visual articles achieve the greatest effect in gaining viewership. Specifically, infographics are now used in […]

How to Market Your Business for Bend's Local Economy

Bend’s energetic community of creative thinkers is the ideal town to launch a local business. The growing town of 80,000 people cultivates opportunities. Bend supports our entrepreneurs with farmer’s markets, First Fridays and a downtown that fosters local boutiques and restaurants. According to the Source Weekly, Bend ranks as having the 7th strongest local economy […]

6 ECommerce Marketing Blunders to Avoid

ECommerce is the big thing for shopping! Shoppers can purchase almost anything without leaving home and at a lower price. In 2014, people bought 1,201,173 dollars of product every 30 seconds, globally. This impressive statistic persuades businesses to join the online trend and market their product to the very fast growing audience. To be successful […]

SEO Website Audit

We are providing free SEO website audits! The hardest part about SEO is starting! Pro Q Solutions is providing free SEO website audits that includes user-experience, technical errors, content and social media improvements. Growing your business often involves a stand-out website. Pro Q Solutions can provide a free website audit for increased conversions and business revenue. […]

How Buyer Personas Give Marketing a Boost

A well-established marketing campaign begins with knowing your audience. If you don’t know who you are marketing to, your content won’t be much better than a blank slate. Buyer personas define your target audience and can be the first step toward a powerful marketing campaign. Your buyer persona can discover the habits, history and mentality, […]

The Battle Between SEO and PPC

Starting a business is difficult and perfecting your product is only half the battle. Companies must use effective marketing and the internet is one of the best resources. From Google to Bing to Yahoo, two basic options are available for businesses to increase their visibility on search page results: PPC (pay-per-click) and SEO (search engine […]

Testimonials: Your Gateway to New Customers

Successful businesses need testimonials! Customer feedback can spread awareness to increase sales, conversion rate and online exposure. 72% of internet users trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. We can’t force our customers to review their experience online but like a persuasive spouse, we can be influential! We specifically target Google+ as the leading […]