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Brand Refresh and New Website

Beaver Coach Sales & Service is a full-service luxury coach dealership offering a wide variety of new and used coaches and RVs. They provide superior customer service, and have a staff of experts in sales, finance, service, woodworking, upholstery, paint, parts and accessories.

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Beaver Coach Sales's Opportunity

Beaver Coach wanted to refresh their brand, while still maintaining the identity that has served them well. They also expressed their desire for a more efficient website, with a sales-focused conversion funnel and improved SEO.

How We Helped

First, we streamlined their logo for a clean, polished result. Then came a new conversion-friendly website, which showcases their luxury coach inventory and connects potential buyers with the sales team. Implementing vocabulary has allowed the site to be structured in a way that can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines.

Our Process

SEO Optimization
Since Beaver Coach lists their extensive inventory online, an important step was implementing vocabulary. This allows the website to have structured data, which can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines. This amount of “readable” pages is a large help for SEO.
Content Strategy
Some of BCS’s RV information, such as sales status and price, are stored in their DMS (dealer management solution). We created software that actively syncs their DMS inventory with their new WordPress website.
However, there was still some content that was not stored in their DMS, and only accessible on their old website. Because their old website didn’t have the means to export information, we created scripts and a repeatable process to crawl and parse all the page data on their old website. This saved a lot of time and allowed us to be accurate in terms of preserving content.
Simplifying User Decisions
Decision fatigue can create anxiety in a prospect or visitor to a website, reducing the chances of conversion. We decided to reduce the number of conversion options from 10 on each page to less than 2. After implementing the change, users have been utilizing the forms with much greater frequency.
Readable design
To make text more legible, we changed all body text to be on near-white backgrounds. This was a large contrast to the old website’s black theme. Additionally, we categorized features of each RV into unique fields with clear headers to identify features that might be most important to customers.