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Building the Bridge to Better Leads

Since 1974, Bridge Masters, Inc. has served the utility construction industry by specializing in bridge utility attachment and repair. Their expert staff can be hired to install utility lines, or customers can rent bridge access machines from their extensive fleet.

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Bridge Masters's Opportunity

Bridge Masters originally came to us for a new website and marketing partner. The opportunities included capturing more leads for both their rental fleet and hire-our-team services, as well as maintaining industry authority.

How We Helped

We designed and built a responsive website with clear conversion paths for the user to rent a machine or hire their team. To establish authority, there is also a custom interactive map showcasing the wide reach of Bridge Masters' experience. Content marketing, including thought leadership articles and a custom eBook, helps build their brand and attract leads. PR initiatives have resulted in two published articles in an industry-leading magazine.


388% Increase in organic traffic growth YoY

76% Increase in leads YoY


Our Process

Our aim from the beginning has been to help Bridge Masters grow their market share and influence. We researched Bridge Masters’ customers to learn their needs, problems and behaviors, which helped us with our website design and marketing decisions.

With the website redesign, we focused on clear call-to-actions and a clear online brand identity. “Hire us” and “Rent our equipment” became two conversion points for the user. 

After site launch, our efforts have been focused on advertising, conversion optimization of their website and building content to increase brand authority. Outreach campaigns help them get published in major industry magazines, positioning them as a thought leader.

Bridge Masters is also focused on educating their customers. We are helping them build a web-based tool that will analyze a bridge project and provide the customer with a list of risks and other notes that they’ll need to consider as they move forward with their project.