Case Study for Bailey & Yarmo


Using Content to Drive Organic Traffic Growth

Bailey and Yarmo is a duo of workers' comp and personal injury attorneys serving Bend, Oregon and surrounding communities.

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Case Study for Bailey & Yarmo's Opportunity

Bailey and Yarmo came to us looking to increase their leads through organic search and Google Advertising.

How We Helped

We started by optimizing their website for Google search, and used a link-building strategy to help them climb to some of the top Google Search positions within their industry. We then launched a search campaign designed to target new visitors and also remarket to users who had visited their site in the past.


95% Increase in organic traffic growth

25% Reduction in lead cost

Fast work, excellent quality, highly knowledgeable!

Jim Bailey, Partner - Law Offices Of Bailey & Yarmo, LLP

Our Process

Our goal with Bailey and Yarmo was both simple and clear: help them gain recognition for the professionals they are. We ran an audit on their website and outlined the necessary changes that would set them up for success in the SEO world. Our goal for their website was to keep it clean, simple, and concise. We then researched popular search terms for Central Oregon and adjusted the copy to reflect those search terms.

Once the website was operating at full capacity, we then launched a blog full of SEO-rich keywords that were relevant for their industry. That, along with link-building campaigns and other SEO strategies, is what helped us push their climb to online notoriety. 

Lastly, in order to increase their marketing ROI, we further researched the market and launched a Google Search campaign to help them gain awareness for first-time users. We then used retargeting to establish brand recognition and keep their services front-of-mind. 

We continue to help bring Bailey and Yarmo online recognition through marketing campaigns that highlight their success as attorneys.