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HR Workplace Investigation Application.

Need to perform an HR Investigation? Not to worry. We created the InvestiPro application for an amazing HR professional and entrepreneur, Dana Barbato. It is used by HR Directors looking to simplify and automate their employee workplace investigation process. From filing a complaint to final determination, they can ensure consistent, timely, and compliant HR investigations across their entire organization.

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InvestiPro's Opportunity

Dana’s vision was to create a simple, easy-to-use tool for helping HR professionals conduct workplace investigations. She came to us with a clear plan, but we had two challenges: building the tool and the associated front-end website, and helping Dana build a successful startup.

How We Helped

We built InvestiPro a WordPress-based website and investigation platform. The Investigation component is a custom WordPress plugin which handles saving and processing complex forms and data. Our marketing team has created a strategy and marketing assets (such as an Ebook) to supplement Dana’s own marketing efforts.

Our Process

After reviewing our client’s diagrams of the HR investigation process, we set about planning development. We chose to build InvestiPro on WordPress, which allows us to manage user roles, integrate ecommerce, and maintain informational pages on the main website.

The HR Investigation component required building a custom WordPress plugin. This plugin implements a complex form framework. Form information is saved automatically as it is entered, and custom form rules allow the user to be guided through the investigation process. Users can review, but not edit, previous form steps in order to maintain legal compliance.

We designed and built the website and HR investigation platform. We helped Dana refine the investigation process and launched a fully-functional product. Dana hit the road, speaking about InvestiPro at conferences and conventions and building interest in the product. We continued to refine the website and started building a comprehensive marketing strategy.

After much research, we identified a specific target audience for InvestiPro. We worked with InvestiPro  to design and write an eBook for distribution to HR professionals, both to provide information and to create interest in InvestiPro. The investigation product has received great feedback and rave reviews and we’re proud to be part of launching an exciting product and a growing company.