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What's the Word with Cloud Computing?

Business productivity relies on shared resources. Cloud computing delivers shared data to employees and customers all in one place. The infrastructure has a low failure rate, secure database and is affordable. Too good to be true? Cloud computing is not a hoax! Over the past 10 years, traditional in house software has shifted toward the […]

Quickbooks Online versus Quickbooks Desktop: Which should you choose?

Let’s face it: solid accounting is the backbone of a business and sticky notes don’t work. QuickBooks is a number-one-rated accounting system for small businesses. The software can organize sales by tracking expenses; organizing timesheets, sales slips and invoices; and maintaining tax information. Users can choose between QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. Both have advantages […]

Cleaning Our Gmail Inbox with the Handy Auto-Unsubscribe Feature

We all have registered for an email newsletter and a week later wondered “what the heck was I thinking?” The unconventional food blog or technology journal contributes only to headaches. Tiny blue print can make unsubscribing nearly impossible but in early March, Google came to the rescue! Google now makes filtering spam easier! The platform […]

Give Bad Health the Boot with a Stand-Up Desk!

  Desk job workers are victims to one of the world’s most dangerous killers: chairs. Victims face carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, weight gain, heart disease, blood clots and many other serious health defects. The damage may not be initially apparent. The Center of Disease Control on sitting. Sitting Statistics Women who spend more than 10 hours […]