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Make Your Website Work Hard for You

Often, you may think of your website simply as an online business card. It’s true that your website should provide vital information, but it’s capable of doing much more: driving conversions, bringing in revenue, and organizing other areas of your business. Here are three ways to build websites that will work hard for you: Use […]

Why Infographics Can Improve Your Online Presence

Almost every business has a blog with knowledgeable articles for their customers. Making your blog stand out can be difficult when you are in such a competitive marketplace. I have been developing blogs for years now and find that highly visual articles achieve the greatest effect in gaining viewership. Specifically, infographics are now used in […]

Creativity Is Not Always a Good Thing

Just because your website “looks nice,” doesn’t mean that the website will build traffic. Choosing creativity over usability is a disastrous mistake. Effective websites have global design similarities. Most people that search the web are on a mission. 2,802,478,934 people visited the Internet in 2013. Asia had the most users, at 1,265,143,702. Similarities help webpages […]

The Death of Flash Player

What is Adobe Flash? The internet provides many facets of multimedia. Adobe Flash is one application that streams movies, music and interactive media. The technology was created by Macromedia for developers and designers, but was later bought by Adobe. Why did Adobe Flash Player “Die”? One of the largest contributions to Flash Players death is […]