Google Ad Grants is Good News for Non-Profits

Google LogoNon-profits face the challenge of relying off of donations to support their business. To pay off expenses, many non-profits rely on optimized online marketing. Now Google is generously offering qualified non-profits with $10,000 monthly grants for PPC advertising. The grants are designed to drive visitors to your website, therefore increasing web prominence and exposure to your cause.

This opportunity is exciting for non-profit business owners! The online exposure can drive donations, volunteers and other important activity to their non-profit. To be considered for a Google Ad Grant, the organization must have an updated 501(c)(3) status, along with comply to nondiscrimination and donation policies. Educational institutions, government facilities and hospitals cannot receive a Google Ad Grant. We encourage any non-profit that thinks they qualify for the grant to apply online.

Why Qualifying for a Google Ad Grant is Awesome

Google Ad Grant Equals Free Money

Google Ad Grants is “free money” which helps non-profits earn the support that they need to pursue their cause. Non-profits receive a $10,000 credit of Google advertisements.
Google AdWords is often referred to as pay-per-click, or PPC. Using PPC, businesses owners bid on the click cost which determines their advertisement’s rankings. Google Ad Grants does not permit users to pay more than $2 per click or $329 per day. This budget comes out to $10,000 per month. Google Ad Grants is a $10,000 donation without lifting a finger!

High Exposure on the #1 Search Engine

Google is currently the world’s most used search engine. 67.2% of searches are from Google, with Bing following at below 20%. Basically, Google is dominating! A successful ranking on Google can reach over 40% more people than other search engines. Websites on Google are more likely to be found online than Yahoo and Bing combined. Your PPC advertisement is displayed in an attractive column of the search page, and emphasized with a flashy “Ad” button.

Google Ad GrantsAttract Users to Website Quickly and Imagine Your Ranking

High rankings on search engines is not a walk in the park. Google Ad Grants increases visibility by targeting your audience using tested campaigns. The increased click through rate can earn you conversions quickly, and improve your SEO. SEO responds to frequent clicks by thinking your content is important, therefore improving rankings on search engine result pages. PPC speeds up the process. Normally, PPC requires citations, updated content and link building which can take a long time to grow naturally. Your Google Ad Grant is a boost to increasing your web presence.

Benefits of Attracting Traffic Quickly

  • Increased clicks to improve SEO
  • Quicker donation and volunteer return
  • Higher exposure

Free Opportunity for Google Ad Express

The last thing that you need when running a business is increased stress! With Google Ad Express, you can hand over the responsibility of managing a complex PPC campaign. Google Ad Express manages your PPC campaign for free! Most businesses pay thousands of dollars Google Ad Express. Successful campaigns require frequent testing and optimization.

What Google Ad Express Can Do For You

    • Manage your Google + profile
    • Minimize ongoing management
    • Tests your ads
    • Quicker set-up

Another Opportunity for Testing

Not every PPC campaign that you create will work. You need to monitor and test your advertisement to earn conversions. PPC allows you to test the water, so to say, and discover if users are searching for your cause. Google Ad Grants campaigns require activity at a minimum of every 90 days. The timeline requires opportunity for testing you advertisement. Your findings can then be used in your SEO campaign, including ideas for content, keywords and demographics. Google Ad Grants does not last forever! After your grant has ended, be prepared to deliver a powerful SEO campaign!

Engage with an Interactive Landing Page

Users love engaging with companies before they invest themselves into the cause. Now that you have reached your target audience, engage your audience with an intriguing landing page. Interactive landing pages make users feel like they are engaging with people, rather than just a corporation.

Interactive resources for landing page

  • Informational newsletter
  • Signing a petition to Congress
  • Online chat with activist
  • PayPal donation

Google Ad Grants helps greater causes earn the funding to make a difference. Marketing is the hurdle that can stop many businesses from achieving success. Google Ad Grants can help you get over one of your most challenging obstacles!