Testimonials: Your Gateway to New Customers

Let's Talk Testimonials: Your Gateway to Collecting New CustomersSuccessful businesses need testimonials! Customer feedback can spread awareness to increase sales, conversion rate and online exposure. 72% of internet users trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. We can’t force our customers to review their experience online but like a persuasive spouse, we can be influential! We specifically target Google+ as the leading online directory. They provide business product, services and location support. Only 15% of people claimed to not use the internet as a resource for business reviews.

We collect testimonials for SEO. The concept is new to many of our clients and it makes sense to be weary. Fortunately, we have experienced a positive shift in conversion rates as our testimonials launched. Convinced?

What’s the Big Deal About a Testimonial?

Testimonials Increase Sales and Signups

Testimonials promote services, products and user experience and a direct link to email mailing lists and company products.

Google Loves Them

Online testimonials build Web authority. The site appears more trustworthy to increase exposure on searches.

You Discover What Needs to be Improved

Like an old loaf of bread, attention to client’s needs prevents your products from expiring!
I.E. Great, so we know testimonials are important, but you can maximize the impact by considering business improvements based on customer comments.

How to Get Testimonials

Conduct a Survey and Ask for Testimonials

For specific feedback on a product or service, there is nothing wrong with asking. Be specific by asking questions or mentioning the needs of consumers.

Thank You Cards

Design a professional Thank You card for valued customers. Represent your brand with a logo and directions on leaving a review on Google+.

Wait Patiently

Your Google+ review may be taken as a screenshot and inserted as a post on other social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Testimonials on Websites

Testimonials such as videos, photos or quotes can also be embedded into your site. Your Web testimonials are easily collected through email surveys. Users can instantly associate client’s experiences and company protocol. Testimonials on Web pages should only be showcased with permission from the provider. Happy clients = a trustworthy company! Testimonials can reinforce your online presence and secure positive customer interactions.