How to Make a Buck When You Market for Millennials

Selfies, tight jeans and energy drinks seem to be the talk of 2014. The Millennials are a generation that cannot be ignored. There are currently 80 million Millenials in the United States. I am one of them. I am also a Young couple shoppingmarketer. Unfortunately, marketing to Millennials is tough and it is tempting to throw in the towel.

Many Millennials are misunderstood because they aren’t approaching their 20’s like previous generations. Milliennials (Gen Y) were born between 1977-1996 and now presently 18-37 years of age. This means that many Millennials were starting careers during the recession. Despite the small pocket books, technology boomed and Millennials had access to more information than they ever wanted. Millennials view life with optimism, diversity and choices. Here are a few marketing tips from a Millennial’s perspective:

5 Tips to Market for Millennials

        • Cause related marketing will get you a long way

Many Millennials relate their purchasing decision toward companies that support a cause. More than 85% of Millennials will buy from a brand that supports a cause and that they can recommend. Tom’s Shoes is a great example of a company committed to charity. Tom’s donates a pair of shoes for every pair sold. The shoes range from $45 – $57 for canvas slip-ons. Despite the high price tag, Millennials are willing to pay the big bucks for the shoes.

Tom’s Shoes’ Slogan
“We’re in business to help improve lives.
With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One.”

                • Interact with us

Give your company a voice. Millennials want to be heard and then answered. Many brands connect with their audience through social media. Most Millennials have at least one social media account that can be accessed on a mobile device.

Popular Social Media Accounts

Social media distribution allows you to post articles, company news and updates, and photos. Asking for consumer feedback can also help you improve your product. Don’t just create a quick two-minute laugh but a conversation that sticks. Find and engage with your consumers.

                  • Move fast and hard

We are being bombarded with information through the internet, television and social media, developing a short attention span. Powerful marketing uses an advertisement’s first few moments to get under our skin (or evoke an emotional response).
You can also promote urgency with limited time offers and coupons. In 2013, 72.3% of people reported using a coupon with 263% from the internet. Distributing coupons can determine whether people buy a product.

                    • We love technology

Mobile devices provide instant answers 24/7. Buying and selling online can be a hassle. Millennial marketing should make purchasing through mobile devices, easy. This includes a PayPal system and responsive design that adapts the website to all devices. Millennial dislike complexity and will buy less if they have to enter all of their information.
You may even chose to create an app for people to access your information immediately. In 2013, there were 48 billion apps downloaded by Apple devices and 50 billion apps downloaded by Androids. The apps simplified access to company information.

                      • Don’t be sneaky

Don’t be sneaky with your marketing. We know what you are doing! Use the opportunity to educate Millennials about the product. If you don’t do it, your competitor will! Millennials want to know what they are getting. A cute advertisement may give us a few laughs but won’t sell your product. Educate us.
Millennial marketing accommodates the shifting values and information outlets. You must clearly define what you are selling to hit our attention span. Marketing requires more psychology than ever before.