New Website! New Logo!

Meet the new Pro Q!

We’ve been hard at work on upgrading our company’s branding and vision.


After our rebranding process, we looked carefully at our plans for future growth. We especially focused on knowing the types of clients we’d like to take on in the future. Focusing our target market, and setting some concrete goals for company growth allowed us to define carefully the message we project through our website and other materials.

Logo & Branding

The values discussion naturally led itself to a discussion about how we brand and present ourselves. Our new logo represents a slight naming change (We’ve dropped “Solutions” from “Pro Q Solutions”) and visually implies creativity and growth, two concepts tightly tied to our values. In addition, try visually following the single line in the logo from left to right – you will notice that the beginning and end of the line are curved (representing our creative approach to problem-solving), but the inner edges are cut straight (representing our analytical basis for making decisions).

“We build growth you can see”

Our USP (“Unique Selling Proposition”) communicates that our marketing and development products are intended to produce growth for our clients. We prioritize measuring and tracking that growth in order to justify our efforts. We have built software to track our client performance in real time and have made this tracking a cornerstone of our company culture.


During the spring, we wrote out a set of values describing who we are as a company. We wrote the following values:

  1. Sustainability – Plan Endurable Work – We build, plan, create relationships and processes that are sustainable throughout the foreseeable future.
  2. InnovationBuild for a Purpose – A process of building improved methods that produce improved outcomes.
  3. TransparencyAccountability through Information – Transparency is the value of sharing information that people need to succeed at their job while understanding their impact on an organization. We believe integrity and accountability are created through transparency.
  4. Objectivity – Seek Information to make the best Decision – We collect and quantify efforts and results, to make the best unbiased decision.  It creates an environment of trust and fairness.
  5. ConnectionOpen & Honest Communication – We are connected to our clients and our colleagues relationally and technologically. We empathize, understand, and know others beyond our “titles and responsibility”. This creates trust which creates productivity. We use technology to stay “connected”, and work together as a cohesive team.

This was an exercise in concisely stating Pro Q’s reason for existing, present operational procedures, and future plans and goals. These values will help us decide questions such as which clients to take on, which prospective employees to hire, and more.


This website is a simplification and reworking of our previous site content – and a complete visual refresh. We’ve put our work front and center – Rather than talking a lot about ourselves, we’d rather show what we can do.

We’ve built the site to encourage our users to follow a particular path, although they have the flexibility to move around at any time:

  1. Find out what Pro Q does
  2. See who our team is and learn about us
  3. See the work we’ve done
  4. Get in touch

We use plenty of white space, big fonts, good imagery, and consistent styles to draw in the user and provide them with the best experience we can. Obviously, the site is mobile-responsive and fast.

A work in progress

We’ve worked hard to adopt the message we always tell our clients: Any project like this is never really “complete”. We’ll be adding content and information to our website as time goes on and as we develop new services and products, and our site is built to accommodate that future growth.

5 comments on “New Website! New Logo!

  1. The new site is amazing! But more than just the visual beauty, it truly represents the team, talent and commitment behind every project you take on. I am proud to call myself a client. And am reminded every day of why I trusted Pro Q with my pages and pages of pencil drawings. Thanks to each and every member of the Pro Q team for using your special talents to make my dream come true. Lasting success my dear friends. You all deserve it.

    1. Thanks Dana for the message, it means a lot to us to have the great feedback. We are proud to have you as a client. We look forward to your continued growth and success!

  2. Your site is fantastic! Excellent choice of colors and design that is easy to navigate. Your explanation of site navigation correlates directly with my path through the site. Ending with “a work in progress” is a both humble and inspiring approach. We are all always growing and being able to admit it is the first step to success.

    1. Thank you Laura. We are lucky to have a talented design an development team. This website will change over time based on what we learned too, which is the same value translated to our clients to maximize the impact to their business!

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