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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all website development / design / marketing services provided by Pro Q Solutions to the Client.

It is not necessary for any Client to have signed an acceptance of these terms and conditions for them to apply. If a Client accepts a quote then the Client will be deemed to have satisfied themselves as to the terms applying and have accepted these terms and conditions in full.
Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Any purchase or use of our services implies that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.

Charges for services to be provided by Pro Q Solutions are either provided a formal quote or billed hourly. We typically charge for consulting time prior to bidding a project.

Payment for services is due by check, bank transfer, or major credit card. Checks should be made payable to Pro Q Solutions. Bank details and addresses will be made available on invoices.

All Pro Q Solutions services may be used for lawful purposes only. You agree to indemnify and hold “Pro Q Solutions” harmless from any claims resulting from your use of our service that damages you or any other party.

The Client retains the copyright to data, files and graphic logos provided by the Client, and grants “Pro Q Solutions” the rights to publish and use such material on behalf of Client. The Client must obtain permission and rights to use any information or files that are copyrighted by a third party. The Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Pro Q Solutions from any and all claims resulting from the Client’s negligence or inability to obtain proper copyright permissions.

Confidential Information
Pro Q Solutions acknowledges that in connection with its services it may receive certain confidential or proprietary technical and business information and materials of Client as specified. Pro Q Solutions shall hold and maintain in strict confidence all Confidential Information, shall not disclose Confidential Information to any third party, and shall not use any Confidential Information except as necessary to perform its obligations.

Termination of services may be executed by any party upon written notice and will be effective on receipt of such notice by authorized member. Client will be invoiced for work completed to the date of notice of cancellation. Payment in full will be required prior to release of work.


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