Wearing Many Hats at a Small Business or New Job

woman working

When working for a small business or starting a new job, we sometimes find ourselves doing multiple duties that go beyond our original job description. Below are four helpful tips that have helped me successfully wear many hats at Pro Q Solutions.

1. Be open to learning

When I started working for Pro Q Solutions, I was told my new title would be Client Services. My objective was to help our President and CEO with daily tasks, bookkeeping, and sales. As time went on, we discovered that my role would be much bigger than that. Since starting, I have helped with development and marketing projects and most importantly, started outlining our employee benefits and handbook to assist with our growth. I still carry the title of Client Services, but I am also an Executive Assistant, HR Representative, and Office Manager.

Being open minded has allowed me the opportunity to learn several new skills I never thought I would. It has also helped me understand how much work goes into running a business and how each employee plays a huge role in how we operate.

2. Be organized

  • Do you have a deadline to meet?
  • Do you need to follow up on emails or schedule a meeting?

Take time every morning to figure out a game plan. I am a big fan of to-do lists, and here at Pro Q, we use Asana, a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work. Not only does Asana help us establish to-do lists, it encourages us to set deadlines to stay on track and achieve our goals.

3. Know when to ask for help

  • Do you need help from others or don’t have time to finish a task?

If you are anything like me, asking for help is not an easy thing to do. I often tell myself that I can do it all, but deep down, I am screaming, “I NEED HELP.” I am learning that I can’t accomplish everything on my own and that it is okay to ask for assistance. When we learn to delegate work to others, we find that it’s a benefit to all. At Pro Q Solutions, we hold weekly meetings that allow us to communicate to the rest of the team what our goals are and what we need help with. Here are a few things to keep in mind when asking for help:

  1. Know exactly what you need help with
  2. Ask the right person
  3. Clearly communicate the task and objective
  4. Thank them

4. Don’t be afraid to fail

Of course, wearing many hats will be a challenge and uncomfortable. You will have little knowledge and training, but it will be so rewarding in the end. Remember to not let your failures bring you down and do your best to learn from your mistakes.

So, my advice to you is, don’t be afraid to take on new tasks and to try on as many hats as you can. You never know which one will fit!