Work at Pro Q

We have a positive, creative and supportive team atmosphere, where we collaborate closely with each other and our clients. At Pro Q, your individual growth and adaptability are encouraged, and your ideas and contributions are supported.

Working at Pro Q

We are web developers and marketers who create innovative solutions to make our client businesses better. We’ve helped our clients…

  • Use WordPress to launch a Software-As-A-Service platform;
  • Publish Ebooks narrowly targeted at specific audiences, and publish articles in leading journals in their industries;
  • Automatically import sensitive and important medical data to be easily monitored for emergencies;
  • Track progress of complex manufacturing projects and report on efficiency

We always use real-world metrics and data to track and measure how effective our products are.

How to Apply

Click the job below you’re interested in and fill out the form. We ask for some basic information. Attach a resume, making sure you have no typos.

There is a space provided for a cover letter. Please keep it personable and concise. Tell us a bit about yourself and why you’d like to join Pro Q.

You can include links to your personal website, your LinkedIn profile, and/or your Github profile. You can also send code samples or other relevant information.

Open Positions

Pro Q Values

  • Sustainability – We build, plan, create relationships and process that are sustainable throughout the foreseeable future.
  • Innovation – We build improved methods that produce improved outcomes.
  • Transparency – We value sharing information that people need to succeed at their job, while understanding their impact on an organization. Integrity and accountability are created through transparency.
  • Objectivity – We collect and quantify efforts and results to make the best unbiased decisions, creating an environment of trust and fairness.
  • Connection – We are connected to our clients and our colleagues relationally. We empathize, understand, and hear others; building an atmosphere of trust and productivity.


We believe in supporting our employees as complete people. To that end, we provide employee benefits including…

  • Health insurance. A Premium-Only-Plan (POP) increases your take-home pay.
  • Paid vacation, plus 8 scheduled paid holidays per year. Rest, pursue personal projects and hobbies, and spend time with friends and family.
  • Flexible Schedule. Are you an early bird or night owl? Work the hours that fit you best.
  • Kombucha on tap in the office! Coffee on us at the shop next door!