How to Choose the Right Analytics Attribution Model: An 8 Step Guide

Campaign analytics is the most used marketing technology by B2B marketing professionals in the US. Even so, a lot of those marketers aren’t getting all the details they can from their metrics. One of the biggest challenges of marketing online is tying conversions back to the source of the lead so you can see what campaigns are […]

Is There a Difference Between Users Who Search For "Climate Change" and Users Who Search For "Global Warming"?

Keyword research is a digital marketer’s bread and butter and it can be a fun experiment to play around with even if you don’t work in the industry. Last Keyword Watch we looked to see if there was a relation between “new homes” and “new car” searches. We were able to hypothesize theories about how […]

Batch Planning For Content Creation

It’s easy to start a blog, but it can be really difficult to maintain it. When you start a blog or other similar content creation (like a heavy social media presence), you do it because either. it’s your job or you’re writing about something you’re interested in and want to share your thoughts or something […]

Providing Predictability and Budgeting Through Retainers for Development Services

Disclosure: At Pro Q, we are trying out retainers to see how they work with clients. Our opinions and position may change as we get new facts, but the following articles describe our current experience. Wondering if you should switch to a retainer? Weighing the positives and negatives of a retainer is essential to determine […]

6 Ways to Shut Down Your Raspberry Pi

This is the second part in our series for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. To read our first part in the series, visit Raspberry Pi for Commercial Applications: Configuring Wifi. Raspberry Pi enthusiasts have consistently come up with innovative ways to use their mini computer. What’s great about it is, “its ‘tinker-ability.’” You get the most basic […]