Adoption Choice, Inc.


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Connecting Birth Mothers to Adoptive Families

Adoption Choice Inc. (ACI), is a private, non-profit licensed adoption agency serving the entire state of Wisconsin. Since 1986, they’ve been Wisconsin’s premier adoption agency dedicated to creating new families and relationships through adoption, providing adoptive families and birth parents with guidance, counseling, and services every step of the way.

Adoption Choice, Inc.'s Opportunity

Adoption Choice first came to Pro Q with the goal of sourcing Wisconsin-based potential birth mothers online. As an already well-established adoption agency, their biggest struggle was lack of awareness of their services and poor visibility in search engine results. Birth mother repeatedly expressed to them that they wished they had known about ACI’s services before proceeding with a less personal, nationally-based company.

How We Helped

Pro Q stepped in and first optimized their website for SEO. We also launched a series of advertising campaigns aimed at driving awareness of Adoption Choice.'s services. Our nonprofit efforts with Google led to sizeable grant directly from Google, allowing them to better utilize their advertising efforts in other areas.

Our Results:

  • 30% increase in website traffic
  • More than 40% increase in conversions in the first 90 days

Working with ProQ has been amazing! They truly care about their customers and are always available. The staff is friendly and very personable. I highly recommend them.

Angie Flannery,

Our Process

After running an audit of their website and reviewing their current marketing efforts, we suggested technical and content-based improvements before launching our services. We also recommended the following initiatives:

1. Increase searchability using the latest SEO best practices
2. Apply for a Google Grants campaign and launch search ads to appear at the top of SERPs while more than doubling ACIs advertising budget
3. Remarket to website visitors through various display campaigns to keep Adoption Choice, Inc. front of mind to potential birth mothers
4. Add a chat bubble pop-up so users can anonymously speak with staff members and mentors to get their questions answered

Content: Our research indicated that our audience (birth mothers) were primarily searching online for the benefits of adoption, and whether adoption was a good choice for them. Our research also suggested that with easy access to adoption alternatives, adoption was becoming more and more a “radical choice”. Because of this, we recommended our first campaign.

Adoption: The Radically Compassionate Choice:
The majority of the content of our first landing page and ads spoke to birth mothers on making a radically compassionate decision for themselves, their child, and an adoptive family.