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Attracting More Sign-Ups and New Markets

With Apptoto, small business owners make more appointments and reduce no-shows from the comfort of their existing calendar system. Apptoto extracts contacts and automatically sends appointment reminders and confirmations to ensure clients arrive on time and prepared.

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Apptoto's Opportunity

Frank, Apptoto's founder, enlisted us to help increase new sign-ups and find new markets for his appointment software. He was investing money on Google Adwords and Facebook, but we had some additional ideas to drive conversions.

How We Helped

To help drive conversions, we've optimized key pages on Apptoto's website and refined SEO and SEM. Narrowing advertising to specific niches has also been a successful strategy to reach new markets. To build a strong thought leadership presence, articles, case studies, and guest posts are regularly posted.

Our Process

After familiarizing ourselves with Apptoto’s customers, we identified the highest performing geographic and device types and optimized advertising spend. We were able to drop unnecessary spend by 30%, which allows the advertising budget to go farther.

In regards to the website, we evaluated (and continue to evaluate) user data to find opportunities to improve conversion. Website testing, including A/B tests, heatmaps and Google Analytics data are reviewed and used to make calculated website updates that enhance the user experience.