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The Page Speed Predicament

….and what to do about it. In a fast-paced world, no one likes to wait, especially your website visitors. You could have the most visually appealing landing pages, with perfectly placed CTAs, visuals, and compelling copy. However, if a well-crafted website doesn’t load at an appropriate speed, all your effort goes to waste. For that […]

Providing Predictability and Budgeting Through Retainers for Development Services

Disclosure: At Pro Q, we are trying out retainers to see how they work with clients. Our opinions and position may change as we get new facts, but the following articles describe our current experience. Wondering if you should switch to a retainer? Weighing the positives and negatives of a retainer is essential to determine […]

New Website! New Logo!

Meet the new Pro Q! We’ve been hard at work on upgrading our company’s branding and vision. Strategy After our rebranding process, we looked carefully at our plans for future growth. We especially focused on knowing the types of clients we’d like to take on in the future. Focusing our target market, and setting some […]