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Powerful marketing needs rock solid taglines! The phrase provides a quick snapshot of your company. When done right, taglines resonate your brand identity. Taglines can be humorous or heart-breakers but great taglines reveal market position in a few memorable words.

As a consumer, I know that great taglines stick. I am always reminded of Skittle’s “Taste the Rainbow” in the candy aisle and Nike’s “Just Do It” when I shop for running shoes.
Unfortunately, few marketers succeed. A great tagline characterizes your brand, rather than the current product. Campbell has used “M’m, M’m Good!” since the 1930’s. To help motivate you to build a great tagline, I compiled a few tips.

What Makes a Tagline Succeed?

  • It is short and sweet.
  • It distinguishes your company from others.
  • It conveys the brand identity, character, positioning and promise.
  • It is memorable. Consumers hum the tagline when they notice the product.
  • It is timeless and abides with the development of new products and services.

Effectively use your tagline by repeating the phrase in your website, campaign, product advertisements and other company promotions. New products can be trusted as the tagline reinforces the brand. Repeat your tagline as much as possible. The following taglines are effective in print, television and other forms of social media.

Influential Taglines


1.       Nike Just Do It
2.       Skittles Taste the Rainbow
3.       Allstate You’re in Good Hands with Allstate.
4.       Burger King Have It Your Way
5.       BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine
6.       McDonalds I’m Lovin’ It
7.       Mountain Dew Do the Dew
8.       Rice Krispies Snap! Crackle! Pop!
9.       HP Let’s Do Amazing
10.   AT&T Rethink Possible
11.   Disneyland The Happiest Place On Earth!
12.   Smucker’s With a Name Like Smucker’s, It Has to Be Good
13.   LinkedIn Connect With People For No Reason At All
14.   Ben & Jerry’s Eat Away Your Feelings