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The Death of Flash Player

What is Adobe Flash? The internet provides many facets of multimedia. Adobe Flash is one application that streams movies, music and interactive media. The technology was created by Macromedia for developers and designers, but was later bought by Adobe. Why did Adobe Flash Player “Die”? One of the largest contributions to Flash Players death is […]

Cleaning Our Gmail Inbox with the Handy Auto-Unsubscribe Feature

We all have registered for an email newsletter and a week later wondered “what the heck was I thinking?” The unconventional food blog or technology journal contributes only to headaches. Tiny blue print can make unsubscribing nearly impossible but in early March, Google came to the rescue! Google now makes filtering spam easier! The platform […]

Apple versus Android - Which Brain Fits Best?

Choosing an Android or iPhone can be deathly for the indecisive, of course there is Windows Phone, Blackberry, or Bob’s super-duper Smartphone but let’s not get carried away. My clients ask for my thoughts on Android versus iPhone advice frequently. All smartphones serve similar purposes but function differently to administrate your personality, and business or […]