Author: Rian Sigvaldsen

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Google Ad Grants is Good News for Non-Profits

Non-profits face the challenge of relying off of donations to support their business. To pay off expenses, many non-profits rely on optimized online marketing. Now Google is generously offering qualified non-profits with $10,000 monthly grants for PPC advertising. The grants are designed to drive visitors to your website, therefore increasing web prominence and exposure to […]

Creativity Is Not Always a Good Thing

Just because your website “looks nice,” doesn’t mean that the website will build traffic. Choosing creativity over usability is a disastrous mistake. Effective websites have global design similarities. Most people that search the web are on a mission. 2,802,478,934 people visited the Internet in 2013. Asia had the most users, at 1,265,143,702. Similarities help webpages […]

What's the Word with Cloud Computing?

Business productivity relies on shared resources. Cloud computing delivers shared data to employees and customers all in one place. The infrastructure has a low failure rate, secure database and is affordable. Too good to be true? Cloud computing is not a hoax! Over the past 10 years, traditional in house software has shifted toward the […]

Keeping in Touch with 2014 Website Design

We are halfway through 2014 and the trends are nailed down. Website design is all about consumer outreach and functionality. But how is that achieved? The key is simplicity. Seven website design trends are kicking butt. Staying Trendy in 2014 Responsive Design Smartphones and tablets are flying off the shelves. It is imperative for websites […]

Cleaning Our Gmail Inbox with the Handy Auto-Unsubscribe Feature

We all have registered for an email newsletter and a week later wondered “what the heck was I thinking?” The unconventional food blog or technology journal contributes only to headaches. Tiny blue print can make unsubscribing nearly impossible but in early March, Google came to the rescue! Google now makes filtering spam easier! The platform […]

Apple versus Android - Which Brain Fits Best?

Choosing an Android or iPhone can be deathly for the indecisive, of course there is Windows Phone, Blackberry, or Bob’s super-duper Smartphone but let’s not get carried away. My clients ask for my thoughts on Android versus iPhone advice frequently. All smartphones serve similar purposes but function differently to administrate your personality, and business or […]